Do we finally have Proof of Extra Terrestrial Life?

In recent astronomical history (starting in 2010 - 2011), scientists have discovered a mysterious bubble in the constellation Cygnus. They report of a dimming star, light fluctuation if you will, coming from this region, specifically in between Cygnus and Lyra. This bubble has been described to be about the size of an entire solar system. Those who have analyzed this bubble suggest it may be what we call a “Dyson Sphere”, sometimes called a “Dyson Swarm”. This could very well be an artificial alien structure(s). A structure in space, that was not formed naturally and not man-made (specifically being made from human beings).

A Dyson Sphere, up until MAYBE now, has been hypothetical. A Dyson Sphere is a gigantic structure often called a “megastructure” which is built to completely surround and enclose a star, capturing as much of its energy as possible. The first written record of the Dyson Sphere idea comes from science fiction novelist Olaf Stapledon in 1937 novel Star Maker. It was not called a Dyson Sphere, however, until the 1960s where it was speculated in a research paper by Freeman Dyson to be the most logical way for a civilization to easily harness most of their sun’s power. Dyson was a very smart scientist who indicated that finding these structures would help us locate the nearest life in the Universe to Earth. Looking for Dyson spheres makes a lot of sense, since it would be much easier to detect the fluctuation in light that a Dyson Sphere would produce from a distance even without the ability to see high resolution photos of stars up close. It is interesting that Dyson would come up with these ideas 50 years before our telescopes locate a star near the Cygnus and Lyra constellation which is showing peculiar light fluctuations which are consistent with the ideas of a Dyson Sphere. Dyson Spheres are commonly thought and associated with space-age habitats, where the aliens live within the Dyson Sphere, free to move from planet to planet.

A Dyson Sphere could be constructed many ways. In most instances, a Dyson Sphere is depicted as completely surrounding and encompassing a sun or star with a solid shell of matter. This shell would likely have many of the structural properties of a strong metal or powerful material, yet the absorption traits of solar panels. It may be a combination of many types of matter which will create the technology necessary for a Dyson Sphere to exist. And should the shell be able to be built, not only would it receive 100% of the central star’s energy and dim the light received outside of the shell from exterior planets, but it would also have a high likelihood of hosting habitats, should the surface be made habitable. There are many other variations of the idea which do not include a completely solid state of matter, which are more likely and much more plausible.


How about a Dyson Swarm?

Although it may be impractical to completely surround a star with a solid state of matter (which is also not likely what we are seeing in the constellation of Cygnus and Lyra)…it may be very much logical to create smaller Dyson Spheres surrounding several smaller stars or many spheres surrounding one star. The group of spheres, a large number of “independent constructs” sometimes called a Dyson Swarm work together to harness as much of the star’s energy as possible. Some people suggest that a bubble like the one we are seeing, could be a Dyson Bubble, which is a sophisticated Dyson Swarm, consisting of hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of Dyson Spheres. In a sense, the Dyson Bubble or Dyson Swarm might be thought of as a man-made, or artificially made solar system, built to work within an existing natural solar system.

In other words, this may be the first sign of life in the universe beyond human beings! In fact, it could even be other human beings or another humanoid type of life; another type of civilization. Specifically, a Dyson Sphere could indicate a Type II civilization’s attempt at a massive-scale space habitat, or energy harvesting network. Some civilizations may not even realize that they are creating a crude version of a Dyson Sphere as they begin exiting a Type I civilization and entering the era of a type II civilization. As a civilization gets more and more satellites in orbit and creates more habitats in space of massive scales, a natural dimming of the center light source is possible; however, the interference must be colossal (also meaning A LOT of activity is likely).


Type II Civilizations

To be clear, a Type II civilization refers to the Kardashev scale, which determines a civilization’s advancement of technology by measuring how much energy a civilization is able to use. Kardashev separated civilizations into three categories on this scale, Type I, Type II, and Type III. A Type II civilization is able to harness the power of its own star. For example, Earth would be a Type II civilization if it were able to build a Dyson Sphere that could harness all of the power of our Sun. Earth is currently a Type 0 civilization, in that we do not harness enough power to be considered a Type I civilization, in fact, world reknown physicist and leading thinker Michio Kaku suggests our energy consumption is not likely to reach a Type I level for another hundred years or so. Using a Dyson Swarm, or large enough Dyson Bubble of sorts, it is possible for a civilization to rise to Type III; a civilization that can harness the energy of its own galaxy.

A Type II civilization being discovered in any distance from Earth which we can detect is reason to worry, since this civilization would likely have capabilities far greater than our own. A Type II civilization is likely to have colonized many planets already, harvesting as many resources as possible. This type of civilization may be able to harness and control the power of black holes to create more useful energy, or even remove parts of star matter for other uses; it has even been suggested that anti-matter and all bi-products of energy production would be recycled by a Type II civilization. These types of worlds consist of incredible scientific feats which probably include things like gene manipulation of both developing and living things; possibly even reading and editing the genetic code, live. All things would be at nearly incomprehensible speeds, travel, computing (whatever their version of technological computing is), communication, and the processing of any goods. The ability to destroy will be as great as the ability to create…and consumption of all valued commodities will be much higher in a Type II civilization. Consumption and colonization give very easy motives for an Alien Type II civilization to invade planet Earth! With the recent discovery of this possible Dyson Swarm near Cygnus, the threat has never felt more real!


Ancient Dyson Spheres in Space

Some people suggest that Dyson Spheres have an ancient use and may have been around for thousands of years. Some people believe Dyson Spheres are used to create some sort of portal which can be used to create wormholes. If this is true, and a civilization has been able to achieve the capabilities of a Type II civilization, they may be able to invade Earth much faster than we realize. Just because human beings do not have the capabilities yet of traveling to Cygnus nearly instantaneously, does not mean that another civilization lacks this ability. Type II civilizations would most definitely have the capability of seeing Earth and realizing Earth’s capabilities of hosting life, which is more than enough motivation for an alien invasion. Earth has many valuable natural resources, including human beings. It has even been suggested that the Dyson Sphere has a religious significance, and that world leaders would soon be revealing the existence of extra-terrestrial (e.t.) alien life. It is no new theory that life can come from and survive from a sphere within a sphere (a planet within a large sphere of protection and life – also producible from a Dyson Sphere). Outside of the Vatican there is an enormous spherical structure by an Italian sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro. This sculpture is displaying a sphere fractured and second sphere exposed inside. Some suggest this is a modern sculpted example of a Dyson Sphere civilization, and hint that the Vatican may already know of the existence of life outside of Earth, alien life. It has also been suggested in the Kabbalah that the Earth has come from a “Sphere within a sphere within a sphere”, and many other texts reference three spheres or three levels…one of which may be this bubble found near Cygnus.


Dyson Sphere in Cygnus

Some people believe that this Dyson Sphere discovery in Cygnus may even be a human being’s creation…and that thousands of years ago, perhaps longer, we had fled to this constellation and created these technologies to harness the sun’s energy and escape some terrible disaster here on Earth; In this case, our present exist on Earth would mean either human kind had unexpectedly succeeded in surviving such a catastrophe, or that we have been seeded from a distance. Since it would be easier to “shoot a mission that cannot return to Earth to reseed the planet” than to plan a return mission, that is the most likely scenario. Then again, who is to say they wouldn’t have the technology to also return. Ultimately, alien life could already be amongst us. It could be an exploratory type of structure…that is, some type of being that is building a sustainable “home away from home”, a civilization that could be much farther away than even Cygnus, which has been exploring toward Earth and this being their base on the frontier. We must assume the worst case scenario in order to be prepared. If this is an artificial structure, why was it created and is this an indication of colonization?

Encountering Extraterrestrial Life

Should we encounter life in the universe which is more greatly technologically advanced, we must be prepared for the event of an alien invasion and attack. After all, if you study human history it tells us one thing: the dominant species on a planet is interested in dominating everything; if for any other reason, for survival. Surviving an alien race with intentions of conquering Earth means terrible fate for human beings…either extermination (mass genocide of the human race), or slavery of the human race.

Some movies in Hollywood depict alien takeovers…some very bright minds seem to agree that the outcome is likely not good for human beings. The human race is threatened by any race capable of traveling the distance it takes to travel to Earth, as our tools and weapons will be far inferior to the technology the alien race will possess. If the alien race is hostile, intensions may include but are not limited to: farming human beings as food, or for another resource we may possess (much like hunters poaching elephants for their ivory tusks), enslaving human beings for their labor (on Earth or off of Earth), abducting human beings for experimentation, breeding hybrids with human beings in order to survive our environment, or just complete genocide of the human race. Don’t believe me? Watch War of the Worlds and tell me that doesn’t seem somewhat possible already with even our very own technology!


Ground Zero Talks about Possible Dyson Sphere in Cygnus

Clyde Lewis on popular pod cast and radio show Ground Zero has referenced this possible discovery of a Dyson Sphere (or swarm) as QUITE POSSIBLY the “Black Swan Event”. Specifically referencing that Cygnus is commonly associated with a Swan. The Black Swan Event is a theory circumventing the surprise of an event of massive proportion…that is, something that has a massive effect. It is usually accompanied by a number of catastrophes and disasters afterwards. The Black Swan Event is supposed to change everything, so this does indeed align with major change. Discovering life outside of our solar system would change the way we exist and live our lives as human beings.

Surviving an alien invasion is not easy and their technology would be quite sophisticated, so the greatest chance at survival will be going underground for the initial takeover. It can be presumed that our military will be annihilated very quickly and any non-complying humans would also likely be exterminated. Those who hide underground will survive the longest and if it is done right, maybe live another generation and find a way to retaliate. In order to survive underground, human beings need a number of elements.

This means preparing one’s self for surviving underground!

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