Are you being Abducted by Aliens? 

Recent studies have shown that more than half of America believes in UFOs.  This is a MAJOR increase from 5 years ago in 2010, where only 34% of Americans believed in UFOs.  Why the strong increase in believers, to where more than half of America now believes in UFOs?  It could be because of all the space missions. Seeing our kind launch more activity in the cosmos makes a lot seem possible, including UFOs.  Maybe it’s because of all the commotion the Pope has been causing, with all the talk about life outside of this planet, and the existence of Aliens now fitting into the Bible (it used to go against the Bible to believe in aliens, however, now the Pope has announced that the Catholic religion is okay with the concept of the existence of life outside of this planet).  Or maybe it’s because of the information age and all of these crazy UFO pictures swarming the web.  Regardless, it is becoming more and more clear: aliens are obviously out there. We are not alone.  They are probably already communicating with those in charge, and we probably already have foreign policies in place…if you’re high enough in the government.  

One thing is for sure: more and more accounts of alien abductions are being filed every year.  There are more people who are claiming to be abducted than ever before, and what’s more is there has been a theory going around for the past decade or so that our government has setup some type of deal with the aliens.  This deal would allow us access to some of their advanced technology, while they are allowed access some of our human samples…human samples meaning actual human beings.  Only what supposedly started out as simply “renting us” in small quantities and then safely returning us (often with no memory of the incident)…has reportedly developed into missing persons, abnormal tests and even impregnation of hybrid alien beings.  For example, a recent phenomenon involves Jeffery Lash, a proclaimed secret agent for our government who also self-proclaimed to be an alien hybrid on a mission to save the planet.  Lash was found dead in an SUV and had owned an interesting arsenal of goods: lots and lots of guns, lots and lots of ammunition, and all types of vehicles suited for all terrain and occasions (even one sub-aqueous vehicle which could partial submerge in water).  Lash truly is a mystery, and one which quickly disappeared from the American media shortly after going live only to be found for quite some time, hosted on media sources in the United Kingdom. 


Have you been Abducted?

Many people are asking themselves every day "Have I been abducted?" Many people find that, with the appropriate recollection tools (i.e. hypnosis, meditation and other memory recovery resources), they have been able to remember some of the experience. One of the first and most important things to do is to identify your captors.  If your abductors are of a reptilian sort, green, sharp teeth, resembling many reptile-type predators, you’re in trouble.  They will probably devour you, seriously, these are evil beings.  However, if you have been abducted by the Grays, you will see a smaller more humanoid creature, with large black eyes, a large head, and a smaller body. The Grays are both evil and friendly, depending upon which one has you abducted. The friendly ones will operate simple, harmless experiments and return you safely.  The evil ones may perform serious and dangerous experiments, hazardous and even sexual experiments.  These Grays generally strike fear into their abductees, who sometimes recall traumatic parts of the instances (from being naked to penetration, cutting, impregnation, probes and other scary, painful and oftentimes humiliating experiences). A large portion of the people who have been abducted explain they feel they were chosen from birth and have been abducted more than once, sometimes all throughout their life, even having abduction memories as a small child.

How to Survive an Alien

Unfortunately, at the time you are realizing you are abducted it is already too late.  There are very few reports where abductees have control over their muscles and movement.  Generally speaking, the abduction is not remembered, however, when it is, it is experienced with immobility rendered. Meaning, most report that they are unable to move or defend themselves.  Victims are often unable to scream or communicate.  The best defense truly is preparatory. 

In order to survive an alien abduction, avoid instances of greater risk.  Many of the reports of alien abduction take place while camping, hiking, exploring, swimming or driving in remote locations.  Some people even explain they last remembered driving in the mountaintops, only to wind up in the alien ship somehow with no knowledge of how they got there. Many of the reports of abduction seem to happen when the person is alone and in a remote location.  Unfortunately though, a similarly large number of the reports include being abducted straight out of bed, even with one’s spouse directly next to them.  Many times the reports include the aliens making a physical appearance, a threatening and fear-creating presence in the room before or after the abduction.  Some people have visions of multiple grays looking over them while they are in bed…or on a medical table in the alien ship.  Therefore it should be understood that not all abductions could have been avoided, at least not yet.

One good idea is to run a video camera in two places, all the time when you are there: at home near your bed, and in your car.  The ever popular “dash cam” will be able to take care of the car. This way, if you are abducted right out of your car in a remote location like many of the reports, you will at least be able to go back through the footage and see exactly what has happened. Not to mention many people pick up absolutely fantastic UFO footage from their dash cams (you never know when something is in the sky, sometimes even completely missing it until later).  The camera you place in your bedroom will be able to detect any abnormalities in your sleep cycle, from an alien presence in the room to any odd behavior resulting from abduction. 


It is impossible to avoid all abductions, especially if there truly is a deal in place with the government which surrenders a percentage of our population to the grays for experimentation and/or biological study.  However, it is without a doubt possible to reduce the likelihood of an abduction for any one particular person by following the few simple principles of avoiding remote locations, and avoiding being alone as frequently as possible.  Some people have also reported higher susceptibility to alien abductions than others for spiritual reasons, claiming to have a connection with the alien abductors.  The reports are truly diverse and range from mild accounts lasting only a few moments worth of memories or a quick flashback, to full blown abduction experiences…undeniable memories of the entire process (beginning to end).

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0 #1 Ally 2016-01-23 03:15
My granddad always said he was abducted by aliens. I know it sounds crazy, but the story seems legit. Plus, it was the same story year after year and never seemed to change. Either he was a really good liar or had an actual encounter!

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