What is Planet X, sometimes called Nibiru, does Planet X actually exist?

Planet X colliding with EarthThere were some awfully scary suggestions in the 90s about this massive planet colliding with, or coming within a dangerously close radius with, Earth.  All of these doomsday theories involved mass catastrophic end times, which would be somewhat survivable with the appropriate preparation.  Many people called these theories conspiracies, however, time may be finally revealing some truth to these stories! Planet X, which sometimes is referred to as Planet Nibiru, is suspected to be one of the two planets that are larger than Earth (at least that we know about) which is creeping around in the outer solar system.  The name Planet X first arrived in the mid 1800s, by Percival Lowell, who observed and preached of orbital irregularities outside of Neptune’s orbit within our solar system.  Planet X is commonly reported to be observed as a large red star.
According to a new information release from the University of Madrid (Spain) and the University of Cambridge (U.K.), there are likely at least 2 other planets which are larger than Earth and many smaller bodies significantly available beyond the orbit of Pluto.  Remember, we’re talking in our solar system here! These planets are things we need to know about! Pluto was discovered in 1930, however, since then, scientists have always speculated about the existence of other planets and possible orbit collisions.  Some collision courses are speculated to coincide with the Mayan calendar and end times / end of the world conspiracies originally indicating 2012 would be our last year.  Others indicated the calendar was being misunderstood and it only means the end of an era, and the beginning of the next; however, this does not dismiss Planet X, who’s strange orbit may actually come extremely close to Earth every 3500 – 3600 years. But it is possible to survive, or so they say!
Obviously keeping a secret such as this one is of the utmost importance!  Knowledge of a massive planet causing this much catastrophe would be disruptive to society and the world as we know it.  Being prepared is very important, so everyone should know about any potential threat!

Is Planet X going to Collide with Earth?

Planet X near miss with EarthPlanet X colliding with Earth has thus been donned the Nibiru Cataclysm. Planet X is approximately 250 astronomical units away from the sun (this is a complete rumored estimate). Remember however, that the first person to guess / measure the distance to the moon Hipparchus in the 2nd Century B.C..  Hipparchus was an astronomer, geographer and mathematician who estimated the moon was 400,000 kilometers away.  He was only 26,000 km off from the actual distance, making his margin of error a mere 6.8%.  Therefore, this estimate of Planet X may be very accurate given our advancing science and technology of the new age! 
There have been many times throughout history where astronomers or scientists were shunned for their hypothesis theories including collisions, impacts or existences of comets, asteroids and even planets, only later to be vindicated as the astronomical object is identified and proven legitimate!  This is cause for grave concern, as it means our astronomy and science community is more likely to dismiss anomaly discoveries on the basis that they are likely anomalies!  Take Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, as a recent example, two astronomers who discovered Comet ISON which was brushed off as a hoax only later to be revealed as quite true! Considering there is very little actual information coming from NASA, or other space agencies about Planet X, it is a good idea to be properly prepared! Afterall, if they know about it, they are preparing for it; some say the government even built the South Pole Telescope (SPT) specifically to track planet Nibiru and the orbital collision.
Update: Recent theories may suggest a collision in 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018!  Being prepared is essential!

So what would happen if Planet X collides or comes close to colliding with Earth?

Is Nibiru going to hit planet earthPlanet X is thought to be 10 times larger than the sun, which is why a collision or even a close call, could be a global catastrophic doomsday event, a planetary cataclysm!  Imagine the most large-scale, most upheaving and violent event you can think up, Planet X is worse. Whether a direct impact, bare scrape or even near miss: the event is of doomsday proportion. There are some theories which suggest global warming is a consequence of the gravitational pull Planet X is already having on the planets in our solar system.
Some theorize the Earth will stop spinning and then restart its spinning, some say in the opposite direction. Others say the poles will switch from the strong gravitational forces.  Others say the tides and waters will become so high that emergency aquatic survival is essential.  There are some theories which describe a total technological blackout, predicted to lead to mass anarchy. There are many theories, however, the bottom line is: we just don’t know. And if the scientists know, they certainly aren’t telling us!
We can expect mass darkness at least for a short period of time, if not a lengthy time (time is relative and the Universe and Planet X aren’t exactly forthcoming about the effects of the collision course [or near miss], our scientists can only speculate). 

How to prepare for Planet X and beat the Nibiru Cataclysm

A lot of people are asking “How to survive Planet X collision?” and mostly freaking out about the upcoming predictions maybe being true and the people in charge hiding it from us.  If the poles shift, surviving the pole shift may be VERY difficult, however, some suggest it is doable! Being a survivalist myself, I would like to think that is possible.  The reasons the poles shift is due to the “orbital halt” theory, which suggests that the gravitational influence and pull from Planet X will be so great it will cause the orbit to halt and poles to shift. Truly it would not be an orbital halt but for a split brief moment of Universal history…however, I like to think of it more like a “rotation halt” myself.  Some of the historical end times disasters (such as the ice age, possibly the great flood, the dinosaurs etc), may actually be a result of a Planet X type object causing polar shifts and harsh conditions beyond unprepared survival.  If indeed Planet X has come close to Earth before, as many objects in space do maintain a reliable orbit, then it is reasonable to assume at an earlier time, Planet X may have been astronomically visible to even amateurs of a much less sophisticated civilization.  Perhaps Hipparchus for example, could have seen something like Planet X and not even realized it possible for a collision. After all, most civilizations believed the world to be flat, not spherical in nature; so although they may be able to observe moving objects in the sky and possibly even be able to physically see Nibiru, it is possible they could not identify a threat at all.  We have much stronger capabilities in today’s modern space age, and can absolutely identify threats. Those who would be capable of identifying this threat however, are very unlikely to share this information with us. 
So we must prepare! 

Planet X colliding with Earth
Surviving a Planet X disaster is not easy, but is conceivable and thought to be doable. There are some speculations that various governments and military organizations around the globe are already preparing for a global disaster like the Planet X event, including drills and intense training in the Southwest United States. This particular operation, the Jade Helm 15 Conspiracies, is referring to the military training operations taking place between July 15, 2015 and September 15, 2015 in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah. These training exercises may have been to prepare for martial law after Planet X has passed, for whatever citizens may have survived. 
There will likely be mass anarchy for anyone left over, so it is important to stock your basic needs.  Lack of basic necessities will likely be the number one killer. Necessary resources such as purified water from the city reservoirs, and produce from local farms which used to supply your grocery stores, will no longer be available to you.  Presumably, hospitals will no longer be functioning and you will no longer be able to call 911 when you need help, so you will require medical supplies.  If you are on any serious medication, this will be difficult to attain. Disease and sickness will become a more serious killer, as things like antibiotics will be very hard to find.  People will have a harder time cooking food as not many people know how to start fires without the help of our modern tools (matches, lighters). It is a good idea to have some flashlights, which also may require batteries.  Check this kit out on Amazon to collect a handful of the basics without breaking the bank: American Preparedness SLING-21 64-Piece One Person Basic Emergency Preparedness Kit with Shoulder Bag (includes flashlight, basic first aid supplies and misc items)
Given there is no telling what Planet X may initially do to the breathing air, having enough respirators available will help secure safety for the initial blast, at least until something a little more permanent can be engineered for your group.  It is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the development of air cleaning and purification methods, in the event you will need to build a breathing chamber.  Respirators will come in handy in the event a war follows the aftermath as well.
Planet X could destroy EarthPlanet X is pretty ruthless and the shift in the poles may very well have a massive impact on the weather, and it could be extremely cold; therefore, you will need plenty of warm clothes and blankets, perhaps even insulated mobile shelter which you can carry. Here is a high quality 2-3 person insulated mobile shelter you can carry on your back (easily fits into a vehicle or by your bug out bag): Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2 - 3 Man Shelter
Radio waves may still work without disruption after the dust has settled, and is a very optimum communication method, so a good set of walkie-talkies or radios are essential. Here is a great two-way radio set on Amazon, universal for all types of emergencies: Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair)
Although it may be difficult to find wildlife which may have survived, there will be human threats, making it wise to include some form of self-defense for you and your party.  Others say that wildlife has a great chance at surviving and nature will begin to run wild into the cities and suburbs again: further strengthening your reasons to carry self-defense and hunting weaponry.
Seeds are a very important resource in the Nibiru aftermath, as growing new food is going to quickly become a necessity.  Some people are choosing to prepare full blown mobile gardens, which can be setup in any facility after the Planet X castastrophe.  Others plan to use the natural sunlight still (although we are not 100% sure how much sun will be visible based upon how the Earth responds to the impact or near miss event). Regardless, most Planet X preppers agree, seeds are an absolute requirement to long-term survival.  Selecting the right types of vegetation is important as well, some things will simply have a harder time growing.  It is wise to select dependable and persistent crops which have an easier time growing in harsh conditions with little resources.
Having a plan is a pretty important part of being prepared and surviving the Planet X cataclysm.  Knowing where you and your loved ones will go in the event of an impact or near miss, will be important to survival.  As long as you are properly prepared for all the members in your group, working together as a team will produce much greater survival chances.  Just like preparing by collecting your necessities and equipment ahead of time, it is important to prepare your plan ahead of time. Have a plan!
Rationing is an important part of maintaining enough food supply to outlast the initial unruly anarchy and Planet X aftermath.  Learning the minimum calorie intake for your weight is important and will help you determine the minimum resources each member of your group requires in order to remain healthy and strong.  You will want to spread out your rations as long as possible, as it may take a while to grow new resources.

Planet X Preparation Survival List

How to survive the Planet X aftermath
Here are some of the necessary items you will find yourself needing in the Planet X aftermath:

  • AM Radio - hear any broadcasts (Here is a good emergency AM radio on Amazon)
  • Axe – this is something easy to carry, somewhat light, that can be used to help you harvest building lumber and firewood; it also doubles as a weapon in emergency situations
  • Basic repair tools – having a few basic tools will help you repair any buildings, machinery or construct new shelters (we’re talking hammer, nails, tape measurer, screw drivers, and saws)
  • Batteries - AAA, AA, D, Car Batteries (not for cars but for other 12v DC systems you will need to make)
  • Bottled water – having at least 90 days supply of bottled water is imperative
  • Canned goods and food rations – taking into account the required vitamins and minerals the body requires to remain healthy (it is advised to plan for minimum calorie rations for at least 90 days; These MREs on Amazon are affordable and great quality)
  • Clothes and blankets – it may be very cold after the Planet X event, especially in the expected blackout period, therefore having plenty of warm clothes and blankets will help prevent hypothermia; Thermal blankets are a great idea
  • Cooking pots - preferably versatile pots which can be setup even on a makeshift campfire, or on a conventional stove top – gas stoves will still be very useful
  • Fire starting kits – a lot of people prefer to stock matches and lighters / butane fluid, however, we recommend stocking reliable fire starting kits (flint kits for example), which are much more reliable and last much longer, some kits even work wet
  • Fishing equipment – it has been suggested that fishing may be a very viable survival tactic, and that fish will be plentiful and fully available, which would satisfy the necessity of protein (We recommend this is a 15 piece emergency survival fishing kit)
  • Knives - good sturdy hunting knives work great, however, having some pocket knives or swiss army knives is a great idea too
  • Respirators – high quality respirators with various chemical cartridges and safety eye goggles is a great stock which will protect you from any resulting war outbreak, or in the event the air is not breathable after the initial Planet X event (Here is a 2 pack that comes with a number of filters to protect against various contaminants: MSA 815364 Advantage Chemical and Combination Cartridge, Organic Vapor, Acid Gas, P100 Filter Type (Pack of 2))
  • Temporary shelter which is preferably mobile, such as a thermal tent (We recommend this thermal insulated tent: Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2 - 3 Man Shelter)
  • Two-way radios - communication for you and your group members (We recommend these: Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair))
  • Water purification plan – having at least 2 methods of purifying water planned and available to your group is essential to survival (Here are some high quality military grade water purification tablets)

Planet X Survival Tips

Disposing of human waste and trash correctly is imperative to avoid any scavenger carrion and disease.  You do not want to attract snakes, roaches, or rats to your campsite or settlement. Digging holes at least 60 meters out from your campsite is a wise decision in order to dispose of human waste.  Trash should be burned. 
*Pro tip: you may want to use the decomposing human waste as a fertilizer for your garden soils, as seen in the Hollywood blockbuster The Martian, where Matt Damon’s character uses astronaut waste to grow a garden of potatoes on Mars.
Learn more than one method for purifying water. Water is the number one most important survival necessity and contaminated drinking water will cause death in the Planet X apocalypse.
Unfortunately, it is important to mention that dead bodies decompose and decay.  This brings disease.  Since it may be very difficult to bury most of the dead, cremation may become an essential part of your survival.  If you are going to build a settle or repair a home, deceased must be appropriately taken care of, or the disease will become a terrible problem.


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Well, anarchy might be the least of our problems
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I do think its sketch how they talk about it like it's official then all of a sudden it doesn't exist.
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I am a little worried about the gangs that will form. Anarchy is terrible!!

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